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  • 1970 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone, very good condition and firsthand with engraving, high F#, 177xxx

    Sometimes, though rarely, we are offered SELMER Mark VIs that have only had one previous owner. This is also the case with this Mark VI alto saxophone, which is still in very good condition and left the SELMER factory in Mantes la Ville in 1970.

    If such SELMER treasures from first ownership are still in such a good condition as this example is, all the better (and rarer!). This beautiful Mark VI Alto has been immaculately maintained and it is amazing that it still looks so good, almost as good as new, after more than 50 years! The varnish is almost completely intact, there are only very few small spots of corrosion on the body and keyworks, but these are hardly noticeable. There are only a few scratches on the side of the neck.

    Apparently, the saxophone has not suffered any major damage, the parts that often are damaged by crashes, such as the bell and knee (lower bow), are undamaged, and the body and keyworks are also in perfect condition, showing that this saxophone has always been very well looked after! Even the frequently occurring re-soldering (e.g. due to key guard holder that have fallen off and then have to be re-soldered) has not yet had to be carried out on this saxophone, so that the varnish has not been damaged by heat!

    This SELMER Mark VI 177xxx alto saxophone has been recently overhauled, where PISONI PRO pads with metal resonators without rivets were used, as SELMER also uses them on the current models. Technically, this Mark VI is flawless and ‘ready to play’.

    Its balanced intonation and warm timbre with a beautiful, Mark VI-typical core make this SELMER Alto a versatile saxophone that thanks to its high F# key is also suitable for classical saxophone music.
    Feel welcome to visit us for a test session and compare it with many other SELMER Mark VI or current SELMER models to find the saxophone that really suits you! Please make an appointment.



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