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  • 1971 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone, silver-plated, 195xxx

    This Mark VI Alto Saxophone comes across as lively. Silver-plated, it also cuts a good figure optically even though the silver is worn from some of the keys, something that, rather than detracting from its countenance, enhances its charm.

    When I played it for the first time, I was surprised at how quickly cascades of notes flowed out of it, i.e., its excellent response is both impressive and captivating. After extended playing, I get the feeling that what I’m dealing with here is an expressive instrument urging its way to the front, maybe 1st Alto in the horn section or the virtuoso soloist standing alone in the limelight, front and center-stage.

    Please excuse my preference for silver Saxophones – it’s merely a subjective bias that in no way disparages the quality of other surfaces. This Sax just happens to be a special treasure longing to get into expectant hands.

    Please feel free to make an appointment for our practice rooms where you can play and compare this Horn with other Saxes from our Legendary Saxophones Collection. Or simply order it in our Online Shop and test it in the privacy and comfort of your home.



    Alto Saxophone




    Mark VI




    silver plated


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