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  • 1946 SELMER Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone, silver-plated, 32xxx

    An authentic thoroughbred in our stable…

    Freshly curried, its silver tresses gleam in the sun revealing a lovely pattern of floral design …

    Naturally I’m not writing here about a racehorse, I’m elaborating on one of our SELMER Super Action Tenor Saxophones, the one I just played. Built in 1947 in times when things were again looking up and the demand for high-quality music instruments was on the upswing, SELMER produced the “Super Action” as a definitive further-development of the “Balanced Action.”

    This fantastic SBA is truly a dream: its silver-plating is all but fully intact and the floral motif of the refined handcrafted gravure embellishing the bell and bow are especially beautiful. The minor scratches at places where the silver-plating is somewhat depleted are few and far between.

    The Sax is in flawless technical condition; it had been overhauled directly before we got it, and we fine-tuned it again in our SAXOPHONIC Workshop. It plays like a charm, gets going immediately and has radiant power to spare. Down low it has quite a lot of volume, somewhat reminiscent, in fact, of a Balanced Action. Lovely harmonics that are not overbearing at all lend the overall rather dark timbre a certain sophistication.

    Nothing is wanting in the area of dynamics. Anyone navigating the fields of potent Pop, Jazz or Funk licks has found a winner in this SBA — it can stay the course. I can see this Horn playing smooth ballads as well.

    Feel free to try it out: Stop by and compare it with other beautiful Tenors from our stable, or order it through our Online Shop and test it at home. We’re looking forward to meeting you!



    Tenor Saxophone






    Balanced Action (BA)


    silver plated


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