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  • 1952 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Super Action (SBA), Player’s Horn, with engraving, 50xxx

    And here comes the next SELMER Super Action “SBA” tenor saxophone, which you can currently choose from our extensive “SELMER Buffet”! This SBA is also a former professional saxophone that has been played al lot and therefore has plenty of power.

    We have had it completely overhauled, CHANU pads with metal resonators have been used, the mechanics have also been well overhauled and after the fine adjustment that has just been carried out, this SELMER Super Balanced Action runs really well.

    Originally it was a gold lacquered SELMER tenor saxophone, but today there is no more lacquer – apart from small snippets – and the brass has already developed quite a nice patina. Based on the sharpness of the engraving and the stamps, I can say that this SBA has never been polished, so there is a high probability that it has never been re-lacquered in its more than 70 years old.

    But as always, the most important thing is the sound, and this SELMER SBA tenor saxophone has it. And how: You blow into it and the machine goes off, strong, expressive and with a lot of power, it tempts you to play fast passages, from low down to very high. And yet it can also play soft, delicate sounds with a lot of feeling that will reach the audience’s heart – and they will. They certainly will.

    Perhaps you are the right playing partner for this great SELMER Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone. Find out for yourself. Right now is a rare opportunity to find the right one for you out of 10 SELMER SBA tenor saxophones (subject to prior sale).

    Make an appointment for a test session with us, we look forward to your visit!

    But you can also order this or another SELMER vintage saxophone from our range in our online store and try it out in the comfort of your own home. Of course you have a 14-day right of return.

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