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  • 1946 SELMER Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone with engraving, 32xxx

    This Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone from the second half of the 40s has yet to emit a tone, the keys are noticeably unusual, completely different from what I’m accustomed to, made not of mother-of-pearl but of Bakelite, that fully synthetic plastic introduced at the start of the previous century and used extensively in everyday products and – believe it or not – even built into Saxophones. Anyhow, it looks really sophisticated, and is something not everybody has.

    By its looks, it’s a much-played Horn, an indication of its high popularity since its original corset was later lacquered anew, something that was audibly of no detriment to this BA. The lovely original gravure is still on hand, which shows that the preparation for lacquering was done with great care. Traces of a life of passion, full engagement and intense playing are visible on this beautiful Tenor Sax despite the fresh lacquering done decades ago, and it really lends it a special charm.

    When playing the first tones I get a rock-solid response from this Balanced Action – its equilibrium and full, round sonority is impressive across every range. Longer runs are fluid, no hooks and crannies, every tonal whitewater encountered is navigated with ease. Having undergone our SAXOPHONIC Premium Overhaul with INOX outsize shafts, CHANU pads and Setup for professional demands, the player, also for fast passages, is afforded security when executing cascade-like brisk figures – this Horn is a true partner for the player, and conveys a good feeling no matter what the situation.

    An instrument that is genuine and forthright, one that plays easily, conveys the joie de jouer – the joy of playing, and cooperates even in the altissimo range with articulate clarity. A Balanced Action with a beautiful sound and special looks, a Horn poised to tell exciting stories, its marks of age a badge of honor, a Saxophone waiting to conjure an enigmatic smile on the face of its player.




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    Balanced Action (BA)




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