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  • Very lovely 1941 SELMER Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone, silver-plated, 29xxx

    This SELMER Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone from 1941 is a fine example of how silver plating (or gold plating) is very suitable for a truly durable surface coating. The quality of the lacquers from that time was nowhere near as good as it is today, and compared to silver-plated or gold-plated SELMER Saxophones, it used to be customary to relacquer the lacquered Saxophones during a general overhaul. This was not necessary for silver-plated or gold-plated surfaces, and even after decades, silver-plated or gold-plated SELMER Saxophones can still shine wonderfully in their original splendor, as can be seen on this SELMER Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone.

    In the course of the general overhaul, all parts of this Balanced Action Tenor were cleaned, pre-treated in a silver bath and then carefully polished by hand. The silver-plating is still almost completely preserved and this SELMER Tenor Saxophone does not look like it was made 80 plus years ago in the SELMER manufactory in Mantes la Ville near Paris.

    Yes, its radiance is something to behold; and this applies as well to its sound character: it has this wonderful, full and voluminous tone that fills the entire room and faithfully radiates the feelings of the player.

    Feel free to visit us and compare this with other SELMER Balanced Action (or Super Balanced Action or Mark VI) Tenor Saxophones from our large inventory.

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    Tenor Saxophone






    Balanced Action (BA)


    silver plated


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