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  • 1950s Tenor Saxophone SELMER Super Action (SBA), long bell, super nice, 42xxx

    Here we have another super nice SELMER Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone in lacquered finish. Manufactured in 1950, it still has 2 individual key guards on low Bb and Bb, before SELMER switched production to the one-piece cup key guard as it is still known today in around 1951. It is only with the current SELMER “Supreme” model that SELMER has introduced a new design for the key guards after more than 70 years. A long tradition. This only by the way.

    Back to this 42xxx SELMER SBA: it already has the long bell (only the early SBA tenors still had a short bell) and the intonation is correspondingly good. The saxophone has just been completely overhauled. The metal resonators used give this SBA a nice punch if you want to play it powerfully, but you can make it sound just as soft and mellow if you change the embouchure accordingly. It’s a real all-rounder!

    The beautiful floral hand engraving on the cup and knee and the almost complete gold lacquer give this SELMER Super Action a radiant appearance that makes its proud age of 74 years hard to believe!

    But why not see for yourself: make an appointment with us and try out this and other beautiful vintage SELMER saxophones.

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    Tenor Saxophone






    Super Action (SBA)


    silver plated


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