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  • **Just sold** 1958 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Mark VI, Super Nice, high F#, 75xxx

    This Mark VI Tenor Saxophone is a real feast for the eyes! With its beautiful dark lacquer on the neck, body, bow and bell and its silver-plated keys, its exceptionalism is immediately conspicuous, and the beautiful hand-engraved gravure on the body and bow even serve to enhance its sophistication. The Saxophone was lovingly restored years ago and is accordingly still in very good condition. The fact that this SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone is now 65 years old is by no means apparent!

    Looks, of course, are one thing, and sound is another, and if both are really good, you can be sure the Saxophone is really a good one – just like this SELMER Mark VI from 1958 is: It sounds simply wonderful. When I play this Tenor Saxophone, I think of a lovely crema with a dash of milk: its rather dark timbre gives me a tone that is deliciously creamy, and, in fact, I also sense a fine touch of dark chocolate while playing…. Am I reveling? Maybe, but that’s what I feel when I play this really beautiful Mark VI Tenor Saxophone.

    I’m curious to see what you feel when you see and play it, because the emotions aroused when playing a Saxophone are always individual, and I’m looking forward to you finding your personal best SELMER Mark VI with us – after all, my true reward is your shining eyes….



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    Mark VI






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