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  • 1971 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, 186xxx

    1970… a new decade takes off and its current is maneuvering Jazz into new waters. With the rise of Fusion Music à la Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea, the music is becoming more electrified and embraces new spheres of listeners. Freddie Hubbard composes “Red Clay,” and with “Birdland,” the Weather Report band creates a standard presented to the legendary New York Jazz club as a homage.

    The openness of the new decade suits this Mark VI quite well. The two make a perfect fit: its sound is crisp, lively and full-bodied (the wine connoisseur is speaking here). Like the new epoch, this Tenor Horn, too, is wideawake in its response and hot to trot. And there’s still a lot yet to be done that calls for a feisty, self-assured Horn.

    The overall optics are solid. The lacquer is as good as completely intact apart from a few exceptions. The bell exhibits on both sides of the upper section scratch marks, likely from use of a stand with an unpadded metal bracket.

    The desired projection is on hand in abundance and, supported by Pisoni pads with metal resonators, radiates nicely throughout the room. Openness across every register paired with pristine intonation is a joy to every player. A precious piece of work which will make your contribution to designing the modern mainstream music of the 21st century a pleasurable experience. Wideawake and even-tempered, it is more than ready to follow your musical trajectory. Granted wings from its epoch of origin, it is equally at home in Jazz as it is in the extended musical styles of our modern times.

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