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  • 1952 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Super Action (SBA), Player’s Horn, with engraving, 49xxx

    And yet another Super Action Tenor Sax in our range right now: it was produced in the fall of 1952 and has been played a lot since then, which can be felt and heard immediately when playing this SBA. When I blow on it, I immediately notice how this SELMER SBA casts a spell over me, in a positive sense: ecause it almost invites me to come along to its playground and exploit its great potential (which I don’t manage to do 😊)

    This SELMER Super Action (or Super Balanced Action) tenor saxophone has been completely overhauled and refinished. The engraving is still clearly visible. The neck has had a patch soldered on the right and left, which is not so attractive visually, but could also be the reason why this SBA has this powerful tone and high radiance.

    A really good SELMER SBA that wants to be played!

    Are you looking for a SELMER Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone? Then get in touch with us, because we currently have around 10 (!) SBA tenors in our Legendary Saxophones range for you!

    But you can also order this or another SELMER vintage saxophone from our range in our online store and try it out at home. Of course you have a 14-day right of return.

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    Super Action (SBA)


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