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  • **Reserved** 1952s Tenor Saxophone SELMER Super Action (SBA), Player’s Horn, overhauled, with engraving, 49xxx

    We have just overhauled this great SELMER Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone and are very pleased with it, because it has become a really good horn and fits well into our current range of 6 (!) lacquered (or without lacquer) and 3 (!) silver-plated Super Balanced Action tenor saxophones.

    Making the right choice from this probably unique range will not be easy, because like the others, this SBA is also a great player’s saxophone. After a general overhaul, it plays beautifully across the entire register and its expressiveness suggests that this SELMER Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone has been played professionally for decades. You can hear and feel its history. In the bass range it offers a powerful foundation and can also impress the listener with its velvety softness. In the higher registers, beautiful overtones are added that are not too obtrusive and give the overall sound a rather dark character, which also fits wonderfully with the appearance of this SELMER SBA. The varnish has probably never been refinished and is probably 85-90% worn. The beautiful floral hand engraving on bell and bow is beautifully accentuated, as the brass has developed a beautiful natural patina over the years.

    Are you looking for a SELMER Super Action tenor saxophone and want to compare several? Then NOW is a good time, because our selection is bigger than ever (note: not all saxophones in our large SELMER range are presented on our homepage!) Please contact us to make an appointment. We look forward to your visit!

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