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  • **Just sold** 1958 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Mark VI, silver-plated with engraving, 77xxx

    Mantes la Ville, 1958. The production of the current SELMER Saxophone “Mark VI” has been going on for several years and the sales figures are steadily increasing. Henri SELMER Paris sets the new benchmark in Saxophone manufacture with the Mark VI.

    It was also towards the end of 1958 when this beautiful Mark VI Tenor Saxophone was manufactured before leaving the factory just outside Paris in early 1959.

    Silver-plated and with the floral engraving common at the time, it is still a picture of beauty today. And that’s almost 65 years after it gave the world its first sound.
    Yes, it has clearly been played quite a lot. Noticeable especially on the keys is that the silver plating is not what it once was, but in the course of the general overhaul I left this little imperfection as it is, because I think it gives this Mark VI Tenor Saxophone an authentic charm!

    The special character that often distinguishes a SELMER Sax comes from its having been played a lot. And depending on the style of music and more or less professional playing style, a corresponding individualism develops over the decades in terms of sound, overtone development, playing characteristics, etc.
    And this is precisely what sets this 1958 Mark VI apart: It’s a real splendor. A Horn with charisma, because its radiance is simply wonderful. It’s just as easy to play powerfully with this beautiful Mark VI as it is to play soulfully and softly.

    It may very well be that this is the one Mark VI that suits you to a tee. Or perhaps not. And that is why we cordially invite you to come and visit us and savor for yourself our wide range of SELMER products and find “your” personal Saxophone. We are happy to support you with all our experience and passion for SELMER Saxophones.



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