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  • 1972 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone, high F#, 199xxx

    One year before the end of the official Mark VI production in 1973, this wonderful Alto Saxophone appears on the scene. The impeccable cladding in the form of a flawless gold lacquer immediately catches the eye. Either a very caring hand was at work for decades or the Horn was newly lacquered. This aspect, however, is actually only secondary, because its looks are impressively flawless, even if the bell is not engraved.

    When played, its excellent, direct response is surprising. Its visually good-as-new condition comes hand in hand with flawless intonation paired with a modern, open sound, whose seemingly rather neutral timbre can be molded by the player all the more individually. The strikingly normal mechanics allow super smooth runs over the entire application. It is really fun to handle this lively instrument.

    It is also a pleasure that the Horn is equipped with high F# and is therefore interesting for the classically oriented player as well. The dynamics can also be worked with in an extraordinarily differentiated way. The Horn not only harmonizes extreme and fast volume changes with no problem, it is also extremely versatile and balanced in its range.

    Equipped with so much good potential, this Mark VI Alto Saxophone is a congenial partner for every player. Whether Old Jazz, Mainstream or Fusion, this Alto Saxophone impresses with its versatility, paired with captivating looks. All in all, a bundle of quality that can only leave positive tracks.



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