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  • 1959 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone, Player’s Horn, 83xxx

    Shortly before the series production of the Mark VI Alto Saxophone with long bow (more information here) started in the SELMER development department, this 83-thousand series Mark VI was manufactured. Produced in 1959, it is still equipped with the “medium bow”, i.e. the medium-length knee.

    The lacquer (likely original), although still only about 10% intact, has darkened nicely over the course of the Horn’s now more than 60 years of existence.

    We have taken this fine SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone in payment from a professional saxophonist who has found another – more suitable – Mark VI with us. That it has been played professionally in recent decades can be seen and sensed: the polish is nicely worn and a natural patina gives the Horn a nice vintage look. The original gravure on the bell and knee is still beautifully conspicuous. Although some of the key guard brackets had been re-soldered and the lacquer is only sparsely on hand, this SELMER Alto is still a thing to behold: its wisdom of age is also clearly reflected in the character of its sound. At its core, it is powerful and gentle at the same time, it can be warm and good-natured, but also assertive and dominant.

    Technically, it is flawless – the previous owner had it overhauled a few months ago and we have just fine-tuned it in our SAXOPHONIC Workshop. At one time, a patch was applied from the F to the F# key of the right hand in order to facilitate a more accurate feel (the new SELMER Supreme now has the F/F# coupling installed at the factory).

    Do you feel addressed by this ’59 Player’s Alto? Then feel free to make an appointment to try it out and compare it with many other SELMER Mark VI/SBA or BA Altos from our large Legendary Saxophones collection. We look forward to seeing you!

    You are welcome to order this as well as most of our Saxophones via our Online Shop and try them out at your own home.



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