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  • 1964 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone, silver-plated, 112xxx

    This beautiful Alto Saxophone dates back to 1964, yet its proud age does not show at all. There are minor spots here and there on the keys where the silver-plating has worn off a bit, but all in all the silver-plating is still intact. The reinforcement plate under the bow is slightly deformed and has successfully kept it free of damage.

    As we have just given it a general overhaul in our SAXOPHONIC Workshop. We have reworked the mechanics and fitted it with our SAXOPHONIC outsize shafts – now this beautiful Alto plays with smooth accuracy. High-quality CHANU pads with INOX metal resonators without rivets are also part of the SAXOPHONIC general overhaul we gave this little Horn. Now the instrument fits wonderfully in the hands, better than ever.

    But now to the essentials: Sound-wise, this Mark VI Alto is convincing with its robust, warm sound and a rich core with enables you to easily assert yourself in different musical genres. In the lower range it sounds a bit “tenor-like”, a quality typical for the long-bow Alto (see also our infos about bows). When played more forcefully, it develops a plethora of overtones, and this is a property that makes this SELMER Mark VI Alto very versatile!

    In the end, however, it is always a question of whether this Mark VI suits you personally. To find out, we invite you to come to us to try out and compare this and other SELMER Mark VI, Balanced or Super (Balanced) Action Altos from our Legendary Saxophones Collection, so that you can find your Saxophone! We look forward to hearing from you!

    Alternatively, you can order this Saxophone – as all our saxophones – in our Online Store, so you can try it out at home. If you don’t like it, you can send it back to us within 14 days and we will refund the purchase price!




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