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  • **Just sold** 1956 Alto Saxophone SELMER Paris Mark VI, with beautiful dark lacquer and engraving, 68xxx

    This is a SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone with beautiful, dark lacquer, built in 1956 in Mantes la Ville near Paris, shipped in raw condition to the SELMER factory in London and finished there, i.e., lacquered, engraved by hand, fitted with pads, etc.

    In this state, SELMER Saxophones from the 1950s are very difficult to find today. That’s why we are all the happier to be able to have this fine Mark VI Alto Saxophone on offer today! Its looks are really great. The dark lacquer is still mostly well preserved, there are some places here and there where there is no more lacquer, but overall, this Alto exudes a proud charisma.  Obviously always well maintained, it has apparently never been severely damaged in its 66 years of life: neck, body, bow and bell are still in their original form.

    Okay, it looks great, but how does it sound?

    It sings! And swings. And once again, our so oft-repeated claim that Saxophones often sound the way they look is confirmed: it has a beautiful dark timbre mixed with delicate, fine overtones. Very pleasing!

    Feel free to make an appointment to test this and other Mark VI Saxophones with us, or order it via our Online Shop (14-day return policy).




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