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  • Very rare: 1952 SELMER Paris Super Balanced (SBA) Tenor Saxophone with engraving, 50xxx

    From time to time some of our Legendary saxophones find their way back to us from and we are always delighted to welcome back an “old friend”.

    This beautiful and highly sought-after SELMER Super (Balanced) Action (SBA) tenor saxophone in a lacquered finish with engraving has just returned.

    In 2020, we gave this SBA a SAXOPHONIC premium general overhaul with revised mechanics (INOX oversize axes etc.) and the highest quality CHANU pads with INOX metal resonators. Even now, it is still technically flawless and purrs powerfully across the entire register right up to the high notes. The convex metal resonators generate enough overtone reserves to stand out from the rest of the band when played openly. Funk, jazz and pop are no problem for this SBA, and smooth jazz, big band swing or even bebop are no problem either.

    Finding an SBA tenor in this beautiful condition is not easy and these highly sought-after horns are becoming increasingly rare and valuable. Too bad to be put in a display case, it wants to be played!

    Maybe on your stage?

    Feel free to make an appointment for a test run of your fingers across this gem which might very well turn out to be “your” Sax…

    In addition to the Saxophones featured on our website, we still have a reservoir of even more “Legendary Saxophones”: We have a constant store of some 150 SELMER Mark VIs, Balanced Actions (BA) and Super Actions (SBA) on hand! Pay us a visit, and we’ll be glad to put together a selection from our inventory that suits your criteria to help you find “your” Legendary Saxophone!








    Super Action (SBA)




    Tenor Saxophone