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  • 1952 Alto Saxophone SELMER Super (Balanced) Action, silver-plated, 48xxx

    I hold an exceptionally beautiful, silver-plated Alto Saxophone in my hands. The silver plating is still very well preserved, its decades are not visible at all, so it is optically impeccable. From the very first notes I immediately realize that I am holding something special in my hands. A warm sound rises from this Alto Saxophone, and it quickly captivates you. There is something flattering, enveloping and very charming about the Sax. The sound is really unique, hits you deep to the core.

    The mechanics are very supple and quickly played passages do not cause any problems. The dynamics are simply great. From fortissimo to pianissimo, absolutely convincing. The excellent intonation is remarkable. The smoothness of this balanced action is striking and an inspiration to every player.

    I don’t want to let it out of my hands, this so sympathetic sound whose tones rise gracefully from the bell to spiral up and merge with the ether. This Balanced Action Alto Saxophone – whose fabulous playability generates pure joy of playing in the player, makes its soul audible, joyful, graceful, even tender, but just as quickly energetically finds the answers with intuitive focus – deserves a great name. I call her ‘Lady Day’, Lester Young’s affectionate nickname for Billy Holiday, because this Sax radiates that empathy and warmth, and combination of expressiveness and authenticity, that also emanated from this wonderful singer of Jazz.

    If you’d like to get to know this great lady better, get in touch with us as soon as possible, make an appointment and try her out in our beautiful practice rooms. Why? Because this ‘Lady Day’ wants to continue radiating her Jazz and everything related to it out into the world, and not only during the day! You carry her, you hold her – and together you will become an unbeatable pair!



    Alto Saxophone




    Super Action (SBA)




    silver plated


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