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  • **just sold** 1957 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Mark VI with engraving, US version, Player’s Horn, 74xxx

    There is always a much-played SELMER Mark VI that I only realize how good it actually is when I play it after the general overhaul. And that is the case here: this SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone was manufactured in autumn 1957 in the French SELMER factory and then shipped in the first quarter of 1958 in its raw state – i.e., unpainted, without springs and pads, without engraving – to Elkhart, Indiana, USA to be completed there in the SELMER USA factory. Apart from the entry in the SELMER archive, this Horn is also easily recognizable by the floral US gravure on the bell, the “MARK VI” engraving in the upper part of the body and the stamped serial number on the neck. This also ensures that the neck is the original that was adapted to this Saxophone during production.

    Yes, this Saxophone has had an eventful life – after all, it is already 66 years old! But it is nonetheless still in good shape: the neck has obviously never been bent (no “pull-down”) and still bears its original scale length as well as the reinforcement plate in the bow, which is very often pressed-in on older Saxophones. The rim of the bell used to bulge, something only noticeable on closer inspection.

    Only when I played this “Player’s Horn” after giving it a SAXOPHONIC Premium Overhaul did I notice the true potential of this 74-thousand series Mark VI Tenor Saxophone: it starts with a pleasant ease, it really invites me to play fast, challenges me and pulls me forward – I quickly reach my limits and realize that this Mark VI can do much more – after all, I’m not a professional. When I return to my familiar terrain of smooth jazz ballads, it complies as a matter of course – it sings and swings as if it had never done anything else in its 66 years of existence….

    Would you like to give this great SELMER Mark VI a try? Let’s make an appointment – let us provide you with an opportunity to compare this and many other SELMER vintage Tenor Saxophones to find the most suitable Saxophone for you. We’re looking forward to your visit!

    Like all our Saxophones, you can order this special one online and try it out at your leisure. If you don’t like it, you can of course send it back to us within 14 days in perfect condition and the purchase price will be refunded.

    Either way, we share the same passion and look forward to seeing you!



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