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  • **Just sold** 1965 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone with engraving, US version, player’s horn, 124xxx

    Time and again when we offer a much-played SELMER Saxophone like this one, many customers make exclamations like, “Wow, that really looks good!” What is meant is the optics; and the optics reveal that this Saxophone has lots of experience, was played a great deal and was blessed with the good fortune to demonstrate what it can do in any number of Jazz clubs. And it definitely delivers what it promises: lovely powerful core, dark timbre enveloped in softness. We are elated!

    Yes, this Horn has experience under its belt, its lacquer is as good as depleted, a few traces of dark lacquer are still discernable on the body. Like every Mark VI finished in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, this one too was embellished with a beautiful floral gravure with typical US foliage.

    This 1965 Mark VI is in good technical and playable condition, the pads are no longer new, neck and bow have a few bruises, yet the Horn is nonetheless an exceptionally good one. We are offering its future player a SAXOPHONIC Premium Overhaul (with reworked mechanics – SAXOPHONIC outsize shafts – and CHANU pads with INOX metal rivetless resonators) at a bargain price of € 1.200,– (regular price € 1.500,–) (added to the sales price).

    Feel free to arrange an appointment to test this and other SELMER Saxophones out of our Legendary Saxophones Collection. We can also meet over Zoom through our SAXOPHONIC Studio. Or place an order in our Online Shop and test it comfortably at home.



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