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  • 1960 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Mark VI, Player’s Horn, 86xxx

    Some saxophones that I play, to describe them here, literally hold me down: they want me to keep playing and playing…

    That’s what happened to me about an hour ago with this 86xxx SELMER Mark VI tenor saxophone. It’s such a pleasure to resonate with this former professional saxophone that I don’t want to stop! It’s simply a great horn, built in 1960 and owned for decades by a French entertainer and multi-instrumentalist, it belonged to a collector in recent years who had it overhauled by my esteemed colleague Armin Weis in 2023. Now it has come to us and I’m sure it won’t stay with us for long!

    Body, knee, bell and neck of this SELMER Mark VI have been completely stripped of varnish, allowing its sound to develop freely. Thanks to the high F# key, clean intonation and a beautifully centered core in the tone, it is also well suited for classical saxophone music as well as jazz, funk and pop!



    Tenor Saxophone




    Mark VI




    no laquer


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