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  • 1974 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone with engraving, high F#, 230xxx

    Towards the end of the official Mark VI production in 1973, this groovy tenor saxophone comes out of the SELMER workshops in Mantes-la-Ville, accompanied by salutes for one of the most successful eras since the beginning of SELMER saxophone production (the first patent dates back to 1846). Although according to the manufacturer’s directory, production of the Mark VII began in 1974, a number of Mark VI saxophones were built by SELMER Paris after ’73.

    Visually, the instrument still looks quite acceptable, as its varnish has only faded in a few places. There is some flaking on the edge of the bell and there are also signs of wear in the form of small scratches, but these do not detract from the overall appearance.

    The sound is big, strong and powerful. The metal resonators on this Mark VI certainly contribute to this. Music from the 70s onwards became louder, more colorful and shriller – just think of the fusion movement, the rock-jazz sounds of Miles Davis or Joe Zawinul’s Weather Report messages. Electrification took over and musical experimentation came to the fore. This is also where this Mark VI belongs – it is indeed a child of its time. With its groovy sound it convinces everyone listening to it. It is wonderfully clear at the top, very clean in the treble and overblowing is more than unproblematic. It can also be played hard without any problems, i.e. fast-paced with the interval jumps of a Bennie Wallace.

    All in all, it’s a little Hercules in its brass guise. Anyone who is prepared to test its strength is very welcome. Please make an appointment beforehand, because even this Mark VI, with all its superiority, can only take on one person. We look forward to seeing you!

    Like all our saxophones, you are also welcome to order it from our online store if you prefer to test it in your own home.



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